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A GSM-enabled spear that accurately monitors temperature and moisture of stored crops. Each spear displays its own data on the AgroLog App.

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Wireless Sensor Spear

Reduce costs and time with a simple and powerful monitoring solution, from just £279 + VAT.

A Single Powerful Device

Our innovative spear, with cellular technology, collects moisture and temperature data in a single device using wireless technology to provide real-time insights.

Multiple Places, One App

The AgroLog App displays data collected from multiple spears placed in different locations and sends notifications whenever critical thresholds are reached, preventing grain loss and reducing risks.

Suitable for Different Crops

The spear works with many type of crops and in diverse environments. It can be place, for example, among barley, grain, potatoes, peat and woodchips.

Key Functions and Benefits

  • Temperature and moisture monitoring
  • Automatic updates every hour and manual instant measurement
  • App with interactive UI and precise GPS location
  • Plug and Play: easy to use and move

More Information

For more information please click here to read the brochure or call us on 01787 228450 and we can talk you through the product.